Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cupcake Hero: September!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cupcake Hero: September, a new month of the exciting cupcake-creating competition!

I decided to personalize this month's competition by using an ingredient to which I am very addicted devoted..........

(image from

In this month's competition, we're courageously creating
(How's that for alliteration?)
This could include coffee, espresso, tea, caffeinated soda, or even energy drinks for the truly adventurous... (or anything else caffeinated --use your imagination!) 
However, chocolate doesn't count as a caffeine ingredient for this contest.
If you are not a caffeinated person, you may use the caffeine-free version of your ingredient, but please note in your recipe and/or email whether I should make the test cupcakes with caffeine or decaf.

*Note: Although my previous cupcake was made with matcha (green tea), I have no bias toward or against any of these ingredients. Do not think that using matcha will automatically make your cupcake my favorite. I do not discriminate! =)

Here are the rules…
  • Anyone can enter but international shipping addresses may not be able to receive the prize package from Clara.
  • Create a cupcake using CAFFEINE in at least one component be it the cake itself, frosting, filling, garnish etc. Get creative, people!
  • Post the recipe for your entry on your blog (you must have a blog so that you can host the next month if you win) and then email your name, the link, and the name of the cupcake to me at with Cupcake Hero in the subject.
  • Also join the Flickr group and upload 1-2 pictures per entry.
  • Multiple entries welcome but separate email per entry.
  • Deadline will be September 17th September 24th* at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. I will post the roundup on the 20th by the 26th*, followed by voting until September 23rd September 30th*.
  • Readers will pick Finalist #1. I pick Finalist #2.
  • I bake both Finalist cupcakes and assemble a focus group to help me decide the winner to be announced between September 26th and 28th by October 3rd*.
  • Any questions? Email
  • For information on prizes, check out
*Wondering why the dates are crossed out? See


    Kimberly Johnson said...

    Excellent! I'm all about the caffeinated beverages!

    Jackie Hale said...

    Interesting!! Ideas are churning in my head. Galexi Cupcakes.

    Anonymous said...

    Yay! I love this ingredient! I have a few ideas already...time to get baking!

    C&C Cakery said...

    Oh man - this is too much! I think we'll have to go big or go home for this one!

    Anonymous said...

    Hurray :) caffeine a go-go