Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Spring Feast

I made a Spring feast. It was months ago (back in March, erp!), but I didn't get around to posting about it until now... and I wouldn't have thought to take pictures or post this at all without a request from my best friend. It took up my entire weekend (12 hours on Saturday and most of Sunday), but it was definitely worth it. I served all of this food at a potluck get-together at my house on that Sunday evening.

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 I made these desserts on Saturday...

Mayan Mudslide Brownies

These were absolutely incredible, and my first experience with avocado in desserts, which helped to inspire the avocado cupcakes. They were gobbled up so quickly, I had to sneak one away and hide it so I could try one before they all disappeared!

Lemon Meringue Cookies

Mine did not work out as thumbprints (when I tried to press down in the middle as directed, they started breaking, so I gave up and just made them into sandwich cookies). However, they were also delectable and a big hit.

Cherry-Berry Pie -- recipe to come, eventually... (it will get its own post)

And these dishes on Sunday:

Mango and Black Bean Quinoa Salad (okay, my mom actually made this one, but I provided the recipe)

This was fabulous and colorful and perfect for spring. We made it without jalapeƱos.

Kale Super Salad

Not the most beautiful, but this was a delicious salad that I could not stop stealing bites of. I would make this again and again. I added lettuce and ended up making at least double the recipe, except for the kale I believe.

Asparagus Risotto With Orange Pepper and Orange

Bursting with flavor and color, this risotto was a true spring delight. I am not an asparagus lover, but I really enjoyed this dish.

Parmesan-Crusted Baked Zucchini Sticks

Not the most beautiful or photogenic, but pretty tasty. They were not particularly exciting, however, and if I made them again I would probably make them in rounds rather than sticks, and I would be sure that the breading completely covered them. I would also try to crisp them more, as they turned out kind of an odd soft texture with the slightly crispy bread crumbs that seemed more like an afterthought. They were a good vehicle for marinara sauce though!

Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls

Sorry, no picture of these. They were eaten up before I could photograph them! I did not have ancho chili powder, so I used cayenne. These were decadent and rich, but a fabulous appetizer - even many people who professed to be full (I served these later in the evening) tried them and enjoyed them.

All in all, the feast was a success, and I felt pretty proud that I accomplished it all. I enjoyed testing my time management skills - I made and printed a schedule for Saturday and Sunday to make sure I could accomplish everything by the time the party started, and although I did not stick to it perfectly I managed to get everything done. I feel like I am on the road to being a good hostess!

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Meaghan Luby said...

a serious feast indeed!! everything looks SO GOOD, don't know where to start. loves it, thanks for the post!