Friday, October 1, 2010

Cupcake Hero September: THE FINAL BATTLE

The results are in!

We have two cupcakes... but only one can become a HERO.

The worthy contenders:

Rocio's Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes    vs.    Melissa's Pear-anormal Energy Cupcakes
  Congratulations to both finalists!
It was a very close vote, as you can see from the poll results on the right side of the page.
I will do a bakeoff on Saturday, and report the winner (according to my taste-testing committee) by Sunday.


Kimberly Johnson said...

Congrats and good luck in the finals!

Sourkraut said...

Congrats. Those two do look darn good. Honestly, all of the entries look really tasty, which is why I'm more than a little surprised by the discrepancy in the vote distribution. I'm not saying I think anything fishy went on but it's just weird that some worthy-looking cupcakes didn't even break ten votes while others got over 200. This is my first Cupcake Hero competition so maybe that's just how it goes here but I'm now wondering if there's a trick to getting more votes. I didn't think my humble little cupcakes looked *that* bad.

Alisa said...

Sourkraut - I received an email from another competitor, voicing similar concerns. I attempted to use a poll that tracks IP addresses to prevent multiple votes, but unfortunately that poll did not work when added to my blog, so I had to use the built-in poll on blogspot, which uses cookies to prevent multiple votes on one computer (but this system has loopholes). I sincerely hope that nobody was voting dishonestly, and if I had found proof of any cheating I would have disqualified that contender. I was surprised by the discrepancy as well (and I do think yours look great, Sourkraut), but I am hoping that these votes were gained legitimately and I do not doubt that they are worthy contenders. Anyway, I suggest that next month's host use an IP-tracking poll, if possible, to prevent any doubts.